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Is it Time for a Career Change? [QUIZ]

Take the quiz!

  1. Which sentence best describes your attitude toward your career?
    a) I'm stuck in an unrewarding career.b) I’m good at my job, but it doesn’t challenge or inspire me.c) I enjoy my job but want to expand my skill set.d) I find my career fulfilling.
  2. Are you actively investigating new career options?
    a) Yes — I’m preparing for a new career by doing an internship or taking classesb) Yes — I'm researching career areas I might be interested inc) Sort of — I sometimes consider other possible careersd) No — I am happy in my current career
  3. If you could have any career you wanted, what would it be?
    If other, please specify:
    a) The "hobby" I am passionate aboutb) Something that keeps me continually engaged and challengedc) Work that’s similar to what I’m doing now but a little more variedd) The career I’m in nowOther
    If other, please specify:
  4. Do you expect to make a career change in the next two years?
    a) Definitelyb) Probablyc) Possiblyd) Not likely

The results are in!

When we asked you “What’s the biggest advantage of being a contract or part-time professional?” in the last issue of Make the Connection: 50% responded: Provides flexibility 50% responded: Let’s me be my own boss

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