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Diary of a Job Seeker

Businessman writing in plannerOur story starts with Joe, a .NET Web Developer with some mobile experience who’s looking to move into full-on mobile development.

Joe’s friend Julia, who’s a C# / ASP.NET Software Engineer, recommended Chase Technology Consultants (CTC) to him. Julia touted CTC as great to work with and explained to Joe how CTC helped her land her dream job.

Let’s take a peek into Joe’s job-search diary …

Day 1

It’s time. I’ve been ready to make the move into mobile development for a while, so with Julia’s encouragement, I called CTC. I was immediately connected with an IT recruitment specialist who asked me a few questions about my background, job search requirements, and career goals, before informing me about a few opportunities she thought would interest me. She then asked me to send her my resume, and to give her some availability so she could meet me in person.

I was hesitant going into the call because I’ve worked with one too many pushy recruiters who are ready to throw me into a position, take their placement fee from the hiring company, and run. Much to my surprise and relief, the CTC recruiter was friendly, direct, and upfront about the recruitment process, and our conversation only took about 15 minutes.

Day 3

I just got back from my first face-to-face meeting with my recruiter. It felt like a job interview — but in a good way! She was thorough and asked me a lot of in-depth questions about my professional background and what I was looking for in my next job. I was totally impressed that the recruiter seemed to grasp software development pretty well, too — she actually understood what .NET, HTML5, and CSS are! She also gave me some really helpful tips on how to present myself in a technical interview.

Day 5

I attended a hiring event that CTC calls a client interview or “client-in.” It’s a preliminary one-on-one interview with an employer, and it was a great way to get some interview experience and get over the nervousness of being back in the saddle. I also got to network and get advice from some fellow developers who were also waiting to be interviewed for the same position! My recruiter explained that client-ins are a good way for an employer and candidate to learn about each other. Kinda like speed dating. What the interviewer told me about the company and the position was really intriguing. I hope I get called back for a second interview.

Day 8

Woohoo! My recruiter just called me to schedule a second interview with the company I spoke with at the client-in.

I hate to sound cynical, but the job search is going a lot easier — and faster — than I expected. I’m a little amazed that this recruiter really seems to care about my needs and finding me a position that’s right for my skill set and personality. Perhaps my vision of recruiters as fee-hungry head-hunters that just try to push you into the first available position was wrong?

Day 10

Had my second interview today. I was nervous, but I felt prepared and focused thanks to the coaching and post-interview client feedback from CTC and probably because I already had the first interview under my belt.

I think I really highlighted my strong points and exhibited professionalism, thanks to my recruiter’s tips. I was personable, honest, and prepared, which helped me relax enough to really digest their questions and give thoughtful responses. I really feel like the company and I make a great match. And a few hours after the interview, I followed up with a thank-you email (revised and approved by my recruiter) to let them know I’m serious about my interest in the position and to reiterate my qualifications. Thanks for the tip and help, CTC!

Day 12

Success! I already called Julia and sent out an email to the crew to celebrate my acceptance of the job offer. They can’t believe how quickly and smoothly it all went — and I’m so excited to move forward with this new position.

I feel like I’ve been honing my skills and building my career to get to this point, and I’m so grateful to CTC for helping me to make my dream job a reality. Their process and guidance, and their incredible personalized service, have made me a believer — and a lifelong customer (although I won’t be leaving my new employer for a long while, if that!). For the first time in a while, I’m psyched to go to work!

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