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Do You Tailor Your Resume?

Do you tailor your cover letter and resume for each job you apply for? [yop_poll id=”9″] The results are in! When we asked you “Are You on a Management Track?” in the last issue of Make the Connection: 20% replied “Yes, I want to lead a software development team now.” 60% replied “Yes, but I want to move […]

Will a Recruiting Firm Work on Your Behalf?

You’re ready for your next career step: Your skills are up to date, you know your strengths, and your resume is ready to tailor for the right company. Will your recruiter convey all that to potential employers? Many recruiting firms have a reputation for being “resume mills” that send as many candidates as possible to hiring […]

How Introverts Can Shine in a Job Search

At the office holiday party, are you the person in front of the crowd, telling jokes, doing the rounds from table to table — a classic extrovert? Or are you an introvert who’s content to either be a wallflower or join a small group and get involved in a thoughtful discussion? Introvert and extrovert are personality […]

A New Look at the Tailored Resume and Cover Letter

Hiring managers are most concerned that it’s hard to find IT pros with the skills employers need. One reason for this perceived “talent shortage” is that companies are looking for more than head-down programmers and cookie-cutter IT worker ants (see “Tech Careers 2015: Not Just a Skills Game” in this newsletter). Businesses today need IT pros with […]

Tech Careers 2015: Not Just a Skills Game

In 2015, tech pros will find a promising job market. If you have solid skills and a body of expertise, your options will be open. But you’ll also need to be able to adapt to changing expectations from your business-minded employers. Candidates: Your skills are in demand 2015 presents a favorable environment for IT and […]

Are You on a Management Track?

[yop_poll id=”8″] The results are in! When we asked you “Are You Ready to Leave Your Current Job?” in the last issue of Make the Connection: 36% got “Congratulations! Your job is just right for you.” 22% got “Curious about career possibilities? Now’s a good time to explore your options.” 21% got “A job change […]

Diary of a Job Seeker

Our story starts with Joe, a .NET Web Developer with some mobile experience who’s looking to move into full-on mobile development. Joe’s friend Julia, who’s a C# / ASP.NET Software Engineer, recommended Chase Technology Consultants (CTC) to him. Julia touted CTC as great to work with and explained to Joe how CTC helped her land […]

So, You Want to Be a Manager?

You’ve been a software developer for several years and have gradually taken on more responsibility for coding projects. You’re likely in a lead or senior developer position, and beginning to wonder whether it’s time for you to advance into more of a supervisory role. But is development management the right next step for you? Should […]

When to Follow Up with a Prospective Employer

Waiting is hard, especially after you’ve submitted an application or completed a job interview. But if you don’t follow the correct etiquette after interviewing or applying for a job, you could hurt your chances of being hired or considered for the position. Career experts say there’s a right and a wrong way to follow up […]

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